Keep calm before seeing what Verónica Roberts looks like today, almost 20 years after ‘La Granja VIP’

In 2005, the television event “The VIP Farm” brought together Chile’s most prominent celebrities in a unique setting and a milestone occurred. Among the notable attendees were names like Patricio Laguna, Pablo Schilling, Kathy Barriga and the unforgettable Verónica Roberts. The program was more than just entertainment, it was an experience for the participants of living in completely unprecedented conditions.

Veronica Roberts He especially stood out as a semi-finalist of the program hosted by Sergio Lagos. After spending 91 days in prison, she managed to place fourth in the contest and continued to attract attention. Before her foray into “La Granja VIP”, Roberts had already made a name for herself in beauty pageants, winning 17th place in 1999, Miss Chile in 2004 and winning the Chinese beauty pageant with elegance and elegance, she represented her country originally.

Veronica Roberts and her family. Source: Instagram @kicaroberts

Eighteen years have passed since “The VIP Farm” It was a shocking television incident, and many of the participants have experienced significant changes in their lives. Some are looking to get away from the small screen and explore new professional and personal horizons.

In 2022, Veronica Roberts She made the news again when she announced her pregnancy, and the news was received with love and support from the public. She appreciated the attention and shared her joy, revealing that she began a new chapter in her life after overcoming her infertility problems.

Veronica Roberts and her family. Source: Instagram @kicaroberts

At the moment, Roberts He maintains an active social media presence and regularly shares what is happening in his life right now. From her role as a kinesiologist to her family affairs, her followers stay up to date with the latest information about this beloved Chilean figure. So before you find out what Veronica Roberts looks like today, sit back and delve into the fascinating story of her life from way back in 2005 to the present day.