Keep calm before you see what Fran Drescher looked like in her big screen debut, at just 16 years old

Fran Drescher It is undoubtedly in the world of North American television and international show business the synonym of one thing: style. His name is also associated with a classic series from the 90s, which is what to see compulsorily. We are talking about The Nanny, the role of her that made her an icon of the 90s, not only because of her interpretation of the beautiful and friendly Fran Fine but also for her style and her role as a fashionista even though social networks did not exist.

Apart from the madness generated by Fran Drescher’s outfits and her style of clothing, plus her remembered personality that stood out in each of the daily broadcast episodes of The babysittertoday we bring a scene that hardly anyone remembers from a movie classic that is also out there. what to see Yes or yes; this iconic scene that introduces the viewer to John Travolta’s dancing skills, was the big screen debut of Fran Drescher. Nobody thought that the actress and comedian would end up being one of the flagship faces of the 90s for her highly acclaimed role as “The babysitter“.

It is a film which there is what to see in a mandatory way to understand pop culture and the rise of disco music, in addition to the social problems that young people were going through at that time. “Saturday Night Fever” or Saturday night fever, premiered several years before the premiere of The babysitter. In this equally iconic film starring John Travolta, the young Fran Drescher she makes a cameo appearance in which she looks very different from the beautiful Fran Fine we all remember.

In this scene you can see a Fran Drescher in her film debut with a much thinner physique and many fewer curves than we could see in her in her sweeping passage through the 90s. In Saturday Night Fever, the leading actress of The babysitter has a little exchange that has to do with John Travolta and the seduction that he has what to see with the skills on the dance floor of the protagonist.

Another of the great aesthetic changes that can be noticed between the Fran Drescher of Saturday Night Fever and the superstar of The babysitter It’s her hair, which she had a lot of what to see with the personality and ancestry of the character of Nana Fine. In her beginnings in the world of acting, the actress’s hair was short and very elegant and during the 90s it was the savage style and her curls that made her stand out on the small screen from where she stole the hearts of millions of followers and followers of the series.

Source: Twitter