Kel Calderón generates speculation about his love past for a video he uploaded on TikTok

kel calderonknown for being one of the most popular influencers in Chile, has generated great expectation on social networks with a mysterious reflection on love relationships in her latest publication on TikTok.

The law graduate made a brief reflection that said: “Imagine being cheated on by the one you struggled to convince yourself that he is handsome”.

Although the young woman did not mention names, many of her followers began to theorize about which of her expololos she was referring to.

Among the names that were considered is Pangal and Toto Torrealba, the latter, according to some media, would have been unfaithful to the influencer. Although there is nothing confirmed, the fans of the influencer have not stopped speculating about who could be the recipient of this reflection.

In addition, Kel’s post helped many people share their similar experiences. “It’s a joke, but if you want, it’s not a joke,” said one internet user, while another replied “It happened to me with my last ex. It was my most humble moment.” Another said “It happened to me with my last ex. It was my most humble moment”

The truth is that Kel Calderón is currently in a relationship with chef Renzo Tissinetti and apparently very happy. The influencer’s reflection has aroused the curiosity of her followers, who have not hesitated to comment and give their opinions on the mysterious statement.