Kel Calderón shows off the elegant dinner of his boyfriend chef: "Wow he is talented"

kel calderona well-known Chilean influencer, shared on her social networks the exquisite dinner she enjoyed with her new boyfriend, the chef Renzo Tissinetti.

The dinner, prepared by the talented chef, was full of delicious and elegant dishes that the young woman did not hesitate to show off in her Instagram stories.

The influencer showed through her Instagram stories the luxurious dishes she tried, including a smoked sierra croquette with romesco sauce and mint leaves as a welcome, followed by an appetizer of Kokotxas of hake and oysters in tempura with green conger eel sauce and salicornia.

The main course was a potato omelette with truffled potato foam and Iberian ham, and for dessert he enjoyed a creamy chocolate infused orange peel, pistachio bread, olive oil and salt. In addition, the dinner featured different cocktails to accompany the dishes.

Kel Calderón did not hesitate to praise the talent of his partner, writing in his stories: “Wow, this kid is talented. Here he left you part of what he showed us yesterday at his dinner. The influencer’s followers were quick to react, filling the comments with praise and praise for chef Renzo Tissinetti.

Undoubtedly, this elegant dinner is another example of the culinary talent of Renzo Tissinetti, who has stood out in the world of gastronomy thanks to his creativity and skill in the kitchen. And for Kel Calderón, there is no doubt that her new boyfriend is a great talent: “Wow, he’s talented,” wrote the influencer on her social networks.