Kevin Spacey defends himself as accuser: “I definitely misunderstood the signals”

The actor testified for the first time, holding back tears as he recounted how sexual assault allegations have changed his career

At the London trial for alleged sexual misconduct, Kevin Spacey said he “definitely misread” the signs of one of his accusers. This was reported by the specialized American site ‘The Hollywood Reporter’. During his cross-examination, the BBC said he was asked if he might have ignored cues from people he interacted with. Spacey responded that he “definitely misinterpreted” the signs of one of the complainants, adding, “And I accept that.”

Spacey also told the London court that he had consensual relations with two of the others, The Hollywood Reporter explained, citing the BBC. When asked by the prosecution whether he enjoyed taking sexual risks and one-night stands, Spacey said he was “very open, promiscuous at times,” adding, “That doesn’t make me a bad person.” The prosecution then wanted to know if the actor found it easy to pick up people because of his celebrity status. Spacey replied that he found it harder to trust people “because of who I was”. “I’m sure if I wanted I could have had sex with people all the time,” he added.

Spacey testified for the first time yesterday, holding back tears as she recounted how the sexual assault allegations have changed her career. “My world blew up,” Spacey said. “There was a rush to judgment and before the first question was even asked or answered, I lost my job, I lost my reputation, I lost everything in a matter of days.” The emotional testimony came near the end of her nearly three hours on the witness stand, in what may be the most significant part of his life. The actor denied sexually assaulting three men and called grabbing a fourth man’s crotch “awkward step.”

The allegations that crippled Spacey’s film and stage career came in 2017, as the #metoo movement gained notoriety in the United States. Prosecutor Christine Agnew called Spacey a “sexual bully” who “enjoys making others feel helpless and uncomfortable.” The four alleged victims, who did not know each other, independently described encounters described as “disturbing” that ranged from unwanted touches to aggressive caresses. A man who called Spacey a “vile sexual predator” said he passed out or fell asleep on the actor’s London sofa and woke up to find him performing oral sex on him.