Khaby Lame tells it for the first time: the confession leaves everyone speechless

Having become a true web celebrity, Khaby Lame tells the Corriere della Sera about his new life and makes a somewhat unexpected confession.

The key to its success as far as America lies in a characteristic that has allowed the human being to overcome every obstacle since the dawn of time. We are talking about irony, an antidote with extraordinary effectiveness in every juncture of life. That is how Khaby Lamea young Senegalese who grew up in Chivasso, has almost achieved popularity 150 million followers on TikTok.

Khaby Lame displaces everyone (Credits: Instagram)

By publishing his comic video-reactions on the famous Chinese platform, he truly conquered everyone to become a prominent figure in the entertainment sector even overseas. Countries like the Use, Brazil, Mexico, have literally gone mad for him. “Everywhere they were saying ‘I Know you’ from machines. Even there I can no longer go around without an escort ”, he tells Corriere della Sera in an interview carried out in the apartment where he lives in Milan with his manager.

Among his future projects is theAmericawhere he intends to study acting: “I dream of becoming an actor with Will Smith and Eddie Murphy”, admits the 22-year-old born in Dakar on March 9, 2000 and who in June 2022 passed his colleague Charli D’Amelio snatching from her the supremacy of the most followed tiktoker in the world.

Khaby Lame, the confession that no one expected: he said it clearly

Although his life has totally changed in a short time and in a rather unusual way, Khaby Lame’s past was by no means the most fortunate. As a child, when he went to school, he did not feel accepted by the parents of his peers who advised their children not to attend him. “I was always on my own because I was not well seen by my parents. I was the councilor, a possible criminal, ”he reveals to the well-known newspaper.

Today, thanks to the enormous popularity that the social world has given him where he has even more followers than Chiara Ferragni, Lame reached heights unimaginable for him until a few years ago. For example, he says that the greatest satisfaction for him was being able to buy a house for his parents: “We lived all our lives in seven in two rooms, now we have a normal house”.

A short time ago he also managed to get Italian citizenship, unlike all the other members of his family and many other non-EU children. The question generated some controversy to which Khaby replies: “I hope that other guys like me, my friends, will receive it soon. None of my family have it. They too have been on the list for a long time ”.

Currently, his earnings come mainly from advertising and allow him to support himself with only two or three videos a week. A real dream, in short, but he keeps himself lucid and with his feet firmly planted on the ground: “My new life is magnificent, but I am still the same. I have done a lot of jobs, I would have no problem going back to help in the factory ”.

Khaby Lame confession
Khaby Lame unexpected revelation (Credits: Instagram)

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