Khaby Lame, the most followed Italian tiktoker in the world is in the new season of Fortnite

Chapter 4, Season 4 of the Epic Games game, entitled Ultima Spiaggia, starts today

The Italian Khaby Lame is the most followed content creator on TikTok with 161.8 million followers, and he officially debuted in the gaming world with a leading role in the last season of Fortnite, the famous Epic Games title. Khaby Lame’s entry into Fortnite coincides with the launch of Chapter 4, Season 4: Last Resort, set in the context of a great heist, which will make available to players the character that replicates the tiktoker, viral expressions and cosmetic items. Khaby joins the Fortnite Icons, designed to celebrate the most dynamic and popular figures in the worlds of gaming, sport, music and pop culture. Here’s a quick look at what’s new for this season on the Island, which started on August 25th. The descriptions are taken from a press release from Epic Games:

  • Stealth is optional: when stealth runs out of steam, you can fly into a base with the Rambreaker! Did you walk out empty handed? Look for the loot in the heist bags which contain material such as the new Junior Parachute, Remote Control Explosive (out of stock!), Business Turret – a turret that looks like a briefcase when you hold it, but automatically transforms and takes targets enemies when thrown – and more. Finish the heist with a cinematic escape driving the Victory Motors Nitro Fang!
  • Luxurious settings: the vampire Kado Thorne has squandered the wealth and treasures of the Island and has found particularly luxurious abodes. Carmine Block, Inexorable Creek, and Dark Opulence are well-defended bases, with cameras, laser grids, guards, and filled with valuables. Better be prepared before infiltrating any location where Thorne is.
  • Battle Pass, Simplified: Purchasing the Chapter 4 Season 4 Battle Pass automatically unlocks the swashbuckling Nolan Chance. Progress through the Battle Pass to unlock resources with driver Piper Pace and the man who makes things easy – Khaby Lame. Ahsoka Tano can also be unlocked later in the season!