Kharkiv, Zelensky: “Over 10 torture rooms found in the region”

“Torture was common practice in the occupied territories. These are things the Nazis did.” British intelligence report: “Russia intensifies attacks on civilians”

Beyond ten torture rooms were found in towns and villages liberated from the Ukrainian counter-offensive in Kharkiv oblast. The Ukrainian president denounced him Volodymyr Zelensky in his usual night video speech.

“In the liberated areas of the Kharkiv region, more than ten torture chambers were found in towns and villages. When the occupants fled they left their instruments of torture. A room was also found in a common railway station in Kozacha Lopan. torture, with electric shock tools. It was just a train station! Torture was common practice in the occupied territories. These are things that the Nazis did. That’s what the ‘Rusks’ do now. And they will have to account for it in the same way , on the battlefield and in the courts, “Zelensky said, quoted by Ukrinform.

THE REPORT OF 007 GB – “In the past seven days, Russia has intensified attacks on civilian targets even when it probably does not perceive an immediate military effect.” This is what the usual British intelligence bulletin affirms on the situation in Ukraine.

“This type of action – the report continues – includes attacks on the electricity grid and a dam on the Inhulets River in Kryvyi Rih. As it faces showers on the front lines, Russia has probably expanded the number of sites it prepares to strike for directly undermine the morale of the people and the Ukrainian government “.