KIDZAPALOOZA: These will be the bands that will perform the children’s show at Lollapalooza Chile 2023

kidzapaloozathe children’s area of ​​the famous music festival lollapaloozais preparing to carry out its third edition in Chile in 2023.

On the Kidzapalooza stage! There will be the most outstanding groups of recent years, such as “My dog ​​Chocolo” the famous children’s character, creates songs, videos and stories, promoting the ability to discover, experiment and develop musical sensitivity in children. The protagonist of it is a nice little dog who likes to dance and put a touch of joy on every occasion.

“Sinergia Kids”, the iconic Chilean rock band Sinergia will present their children’s music album, which covers some of their classic songs in a children’s and gamer format, along with new creations. ‘Goodbye Chimuelo’ or ‘Mi señora’, a song that invites you to play by changing the lyrics to the language of a cat, ‘Lo vamos a pasar bacàn’, which now talks about a children’s birthday that includes a piñata, magician and chocolates, will be part of the show .

“The Amazing Adventures of the Flying Boat” is an interactive children’s show that brings kids and parents together through music, art, and a cast of amazing characters. Created to enhance children’s imagination, stimulating creativity and ingenuity, it combines entertainment with knowledge. Live, Payo’s drawings come alive to the music of the Kundalini Surfers, with storytelling, crafts, adventures and songs.

“Tikitiklip” band of exceptional musicians and actors that brings pre-Columbian heritage stories and elements to the stage with songs, dances and performances. They carefully take pieces of Chilean crafts and transform them into the protagonists, with the aim of providing value, emotions and joy to the world of children

“Go, go Gallo Pipe”, songs to play, share and learn values. They recently premiered “Pedalea Pedro”, an unprecedented song for the deaf community, which motivates girls and boys to learn sign language. Gallo Pipe, Pulga Lu-Kas, Cangreja Malvarita and Seraphio Mímesis, are some of the characters who live entertaining adventures.

“Pichintún” was born as a Chilean docu-animation that rescues daily stories of girls and boys, the places they inhabit, their games, pets and traditions, spreading stories of children belonging to the Rapanui, Aymara, Mapuche people, among others, as well as Chilean traditions such as the Quasimodo festival.

“Lyra”, a children’s band made up of three elementary school teachers and three musicians, which seeks to bring astronomy closer to boys and girls through dynamic and entertaining creations.

“Caleuchístico” children’s music band that seeks to present Chilean stories, characters and legends, highlighting part of Chile’s cultural heritage through original and entertaining music. Among its members is the prominent musician Cuti Aste.

“Hello Flinko” recounts the journey through Latin America of the protagonist, a platypus only 5 years old who, together with his parents, goes in search of his camera that he has lost on the trip, finding many animal friends in danger of extinction along the way. . The show is a gift for the senses: live music, circus arts and digital animation. There will also be the strength and desire for the music of the youngest with School of Rock.

Other activities not to be missed at Kidzapalooza 2023

At Kidzapalooza, there will be a series of exhibitions by the Artequín Museum that will implement Interactive Walls, where children can explore musical rhythms.

The La Moneda Cultural Center will activate a Wood and Metal Movable Type Printing Workshop, Apert Corporation that works to make Aper Syndrome visible in order to reduce social rejection, among many others. As well as activities and activations of Kidzapalooza! such as the initiatives of the GMTO Traveling Planetarium, Carro Nómade Teatro that will present the play El Monólogo de un Árbol, Educleta. Children will also be able to find a Circus Tent that will house various circus workshops, Wooden Games, Parades, among many other entertaining options.

As every year, the area will have a Picnic Area, Food and Beverage Stands, Service Area with space for lactation, changing rooms, equipment to prepare meals; Lounge area to enjoy the performances just meters from the stage, and much more.

Thinking about the safety of the thousands of children who visit us, Kidzapalooza! It has its own Accreditation System, so that in case of loss, the Kidzapalooza staff can contact the parents, it will also allow the Re-Entry to the Park, after they return to drop off their children, and continue enjoying Lollapalooza Chile 2023. They will be able to accredit the little ones at the entrances to the Park and in the Kidzapalooza area.