Kiev: “Pro-Russian forces in Donbass ready to fight”

Pro-Russian forces in eastern Ukraine are increasing their combat readiness levels and are engaged in large-scale exercises, military intelligence denounces in Kiev in a statement as, in turn, the Kremlin blames Ukrainian forces to stage “provocative actions” along the line of contact with the separatist militias in the Donbass.

Spokesman Dmitry Peskov also spoke of “Kiev’s preparations to manage the crisis from a position of strength” and expressed “deep concern” about the latest developments.

The United States accuses Russia of amassing military forces on Ukraine’s borders, and Moscow responds, as Peskov did today, stating that the US, and other NATO countries, have started sending military instructors to Kiev, along with systems of defense. ‘weapon. “All this creates tensions”, added Peskov, confirming the escalation of the crisis, underlining that “The best guarantee of security (for Ukraine, ed) is the implementation of the Minsk agreements”. Among other things, the arrival of a Russian convoy “with humanitarian aid” for the Republic of Donetsk is scheduled for Thursday, the breakaway region announced.