Kika Silva officially confirmed her romance with Gonzalo Valenzuela with these photos

Starting from the Vineyard Festival, kika silva had been seen in a photograph with Gonzalo Valenzuela. They had also taken photos of them at a wedding, where they had posed hand in hand; situation that had given rise to rumors of romance although none had confirmed it until this weekend.

This Friday night, Gonzalo Valenzuela He attended the program ‘Podemos Hablar’, where he ended up confessing the love affair to which they have decided “not to name it”. At the beginning of the space hosted by Jean Philippe Cretton, Pamela Díaz’s boyfriend asked her if her love had come into her life, after showing her a photo of the influencer.

Kika and Gonzalo Valenzuela in love. Source: Instagram @kikasilvas

Bluntly, valenzuela He replied: “How can I not be happy? I already told you there, I am very happy.” To provide more details, he added: “Yes, we have had a great time. She was known, but we had never (talked)”. Although they look very good together, the protagonist of “Dad adrift” did not want to name the relationship: “I am very good, very happy, I am with a tremendous person. No You have to name him, we are there having a great time, he is a beautiful person and it is a very beautiful moment in which you have to enjoy it, you have to live in the present”.

The feet of Kika and Gonzalo Valenzuela. Source: Instagram @kikasilvas

kika silva He turned 30 this past March 18 and celebrated with his new love. “Birthday weekend full of impromptu celebrations and lots of (love emoji),” she wrote on her official Instagram account. “Thank you very much to my friends, my family and all of you for your love and good vibes, eternally grateful,” she expressed.

The tattoo on the actor’s foot. Source: Instagram @gonzalovalenzuelaoficial

“Leaving these 31 surrounded by love and with a lot of energy for what is to come. Good Sunday!” concluded Kika her post, in which she showed photos hugging Gonzalo Valenzuela. In addition, in some he only showed his feet together, where he easily betrays the red spiral tattoo that the actor has on his ankle. “I love the kika with him Gonzalo“and” fed up hosing! (Sorry, sorry, I know you think so hahahahaha) happy birthday, beautiful! “were some of the messages she received.