Kim Jong-Un in tears: “Women, have more children” – Video

The leader’s message to counter the population decline in North Korea

Kim Jong-Un tearfully asks North Korean women to have more children to counteract the decline in birth rates which undermines the solidity of the country. In an event broadcast on TV, the national mothers’ meeting in Pyongyang, the leader spoke in front of a female audience. A heartfelt speech, between tears and sobs, with extensive use of the handkerchief to dry the tears. “Preventing the decline of the birth rate and ensuring child care are the duties we must observe while cooperating with mothers,” Kim said, addressing the women, many dressed in traditional clothing, all or almost all moved and busy applauding in continuation.

“These goals include raising children to relentlessly carry forward our revolution, eliminating non-socialist practices that have recently increased, promoting family harmony and social unity, establishing an appropriate pattern of cultural life and social, allowing the communist values ​​of solidarity to prevail in our society, stopping the decline in birth rates and caring for children with effective education”, Kim’s words. North Korea’s demographic picture is unclear.

The last census made known dates back to 2008, when the population was made up of 24 million people. According to estimates by international experts, the figure has now been reached 25.7 million. According to data released by South Korean government agencies, North Korea is actually dealing with a sharp decline in births: from 1.88 children born on average by each woman in 2014, the figure dropped to 1.79 in 2022.