Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady together in the Bahamas: what we know about the alleged flirtation

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Tom Brady he is back from the divorce (very chatty) with Gisele Bundchen. Kim Kardashian, after the stormy end of her marriage to Kanye West, she also dismissed the relationship with Pete Davidson. But what does their two names next to each other have to do with it?

At the center of the story are the Bahamas.

Kim Kardashian, Tom Brady and the Bahamas

In recent weeks, rumors of Kim Kardashian’s interest in s have begun to circulate Bahamas. The entrepreneur and influencer, who now seems to want to devote herself to a legal career, would have started to looking for a house Baker’s Bay. The villa identified for his holidays would be very close to the one owned by Tom Brady. And to him, Kim would have turned to get some advice. The gossip didn’t repeat itself twice: was there something tender between Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady?

The denial

In reality, there would really be nothing between the two (at least for the moment). The former sportsman’s spokespersons reached out to Entertainment Tonight to deny the news. “Tom and Kim have been in contact as she is looking to buy a property where he already has a holiday home. Despite this, however, I am alone friends and they don’t see each other”: these are their words.

Also to Entertainment Tonight, a source close to Kim Kardashian this time, reiterated: “Kim is increasingly comfortable being single. She is in no hurry to meet someone and likes to work, be with her children and do her own thing. She’s open to dating someone who isn’t famous but she realizes it might be hard for a guy if he’s not used to all of this. Everyone wants to fix her, but she is sure that if it happens, it will be very natural ”.

For the moment, therefore, a relationship between Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady is excluded.