Kim Kardashian asked a judge to have ex-husband West’s last name removed

Kim Kardashian has asked to become legally single and give up her ex-husband’s last name, requiring a judge to have West removed from her name.

The celeb has presented the documents in which she signs that she wants to turn the page in all respects, eliminating even from her name the amorous past that has now ended.
The famous American businesswoman, actress and model has thus taken a further step forward in the divorce process.

She is 41 and he is 44, Kim and Kanye have remained on good terms but have said goodbye when it comes to matters of the heart. She for sure, he with some second thoughts (as his latest statements, even in music, would suggest).

In the last period there is no peace for the Los Angeles registry workers: Kim Kardashian asks to delete that West from her name while Kanye in mid-October had his name changed and his surname removed, officially becoming Ye. In short, double shifts at the registry office in LA due to the former American coat of arms most loved by gossip.

The founder of SKIMS on Friday December 10 presented the legal papers to go back to being “simply” the Kardashian we knew over ten years ago (she and Kanye / Ye have been together for more than a decade).

The US site reported the news TMZ, always well informed about the stars and stripes gossip.
We recall that Kim Kardashian used the initials KKW in many brands she inaugurated, including her make-up and perfume lines.
If the judge who gets the final verdict agrees to remove the Old West (!) From the Kim dynasty, then the star will take back her “maiden” name, which is Kimberly Noel Kardashian. Let’s hope no one has got her new married name tattooed otherwise it will be painful (laser to erase that offending W).

The documents filed

The papers were filed a few days ago by Kim Kardashian’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, and will need to be approved by a judge in order for the star to be free – nominally – from West’s “yoke”.

The request for legal status is not only a negligible detail in the process of a divorce. Changing status allows both officially and ideally to move on.

In addition to the issue of single status and the elimination of the ex-spouse’s surname, there are many other issues related to the legal separation of the couple that will need to be resolved. From the custody of the children to the subdivision of the many properties, the knots to be untied are a braid, if anything. But they are all coming to a head.

The couple have four children together: Nord, 8, Santo, 5, Chicago, 3, and Salmo, 2.
In addition to offspring, there are also shared properties, which will need to be redefined and equally shared. For now, Kim Kardashian has liquidated Kanye West’s stake in their house in Hidden Hills, California, a house that would be reductive to define extra luxury: it has a value of 23 million dollars.

West’s appeal to “get” Kim back

Meanwhile, Kanye West is not taking it very well, on the contrary …
The rapper made several public appeals for Kim to come back to him.
During the benefit concert he held with Drake, the artist changed the words of his song’s ending Runaway, addressing his now ex-wife directly.

“Baby, I need you to run back to me… more specifically, Kimberly,” Ye sang on December 9th. But “his” Kimberly did not reveal herself during the livestream of the concert, held at the LA Memorial Coliseum, and was instead paparazzi while walking into a club with her sister Kendall Jenner, her mom Kris Jenner and the boyfriend of “mom ”, Corey Gamble. Fortunately, on that occasion there was no trace of Pete Davidson, Kim’s new alleged love, otherwise Kanye would have taken it even worse …