Kim Kardashian finally just ended her fight with Taylor Swift after five years

The two music stars seemed to reconcile after a few years, until their second great feud.

The drama revolved around a controversial lyrics to the song by West “Famous”, which, according to him, Swift verbally approved.

Meanwhile, Swift defended himself and seemed to criticize West during his acceptance speech at the awards Grammy.

Kim kardashian, who was married to West at that point, he inevitably got involved.

For example, in a since deleted post, Kardashian shared a photo of her on the set of the music video “Famous” by West. In the background is a wax mold depicted to look like Swift naked

Of course, the Swifties they were quick to defend the singer and posted rat emojis in the comments, he summed up Marie Claire.

On the same day, she shoots in a crimson dress with the caption: “I never trust a narcissist / But they love me.” The line is a lyric from his song “I Did Something Bad”, which may have referred to Kanye west.

Kardashian He also posted clips of a phone call, which seemed to imply that Swift gave permission to West for the letter, according to BBC.

Years later, a full video of the conversation between West Y Swift in 2020, which seemed to show that Swift he was right. In the ongoing battle of who said what, it seems that Kardashian is trying to be nice in 2021.

Today, Kim Kardashian has only kind words to say about Taylor Swift

During an interview at Substack Come in Kim kardashian and the former journalist from New York Times Bari weiss, the reporter asked the social media star a series of quick questions, including one about Taylor Swift.

First, he asked the opinion of Kardashian about her ex-husband’s music Kanye west.

His personal favorites were his albums “Yeezus” and “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”.

Weiss he immediately asked Kardashian what was your favorite song from Taylor Swift.

“I really like a lot of his songs,” he admitted. In the opinion of Kardashian, most of the songs in the extensive catalog of Swift they are “super cute and catchy”. As for a specific song, Kardashian He admitted: “I would have to look on my phone to get a name.”

In a recent episode of Saturday night Live, the comedy group Please Don’t Destroy premiered her new music video, “Three Sad Virgins,” which featured her boyfriend. Kardashian, Pete Davidson and Taylor Swift as guests.

A source told HollywoodLife that Davidson I had no problem with Swift, even with the rumors of bad blood between her and Kardashian.

The source added that Davidson wanted to avoid drama, so “it was important to make friends with Taylor and do a parody with it. ”

With Kardashian divorcing from West, the only competition between her and Swift it could be financial.

Thanks to his lucrative tours, Swift was worth approximately $ 400 million in 2021, according Celebrity Net Worth. Meanwhile, Kardashian is a billionaire, says the medium.