Kim Kardashian secretly struggles with adult acne (which she hides under makeup)

Kim Kardashian she has accustomed us to her perfect skin, to glossy photos, to an appearance that never seems to give in to the effects of time. However, as she herself revealed during an interview with Refinery29, she has been in for some time fight against acne.

Kim Kardashian and acne

The reality star and successful entrepreneur explained that she has become very good at hide pimples under makeup. Probably the result of the stressful period she experienced after her divorce from Kanye West, the acne that affected her was (and is) very severe. “If people saw it, they would be really shocked to know that I went through that experience,” she said. How did you solve it? In truth, she didn’t. She simply understood which products caused her the least problems, and she learned to hide it under the make-up of her line SKKN by Kim.

The unknown causes and the importance of make-up

He never thought he would have to fight acne at forty, he confessed. To then explain how her skin has become thicker sensitive over the years, and how she worked hard to pinpoint the cause of her acne. Initially he stopped using oily products, but it didn’t help. Subsequently he blamed a hormonal factorand the use of supplements different from what she was used to.

“It’s been really interesting to try new products and figure out what works for different skin,” she explained. Especially since Kim, in addition to having to deal with acne in adulthood, also suffers from chronic psoriasis. The reason why pimples appear, in truth, he still hasn’t understood. And she stopped trying to find a cause at all costs. What interests her is living with them, and hiding them as much as possible.

A little secret

In addition to using full-coverage make-up, together with her consultants Kim Kardashian has created specific products for acne-prone skin. Starting with Resurfacing Mask, on the market since October 4 and containing exfoliating enzymes. Furthermore, he revealed a little trick to avoid squeezing pimples and to avoid inflaming them further: when one appears, he puts the nail extensions so as to fight temptation. Also, every day, use a magnifying mirror and metal spatulas to unclog your pores.