Kim Kardashian without makeup to promote SKKN VIDEO illuminating products

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On the profile of SKKNthe skincare brand created by Kim Kardashianthe founder of the brand has decided to appear in first person to reveal to her fans and admirers of her beauty products the secrets of her appearance and skin that is always perfect and flawless.
With the complicity and expert hands of Mario DedivanovicThe makeup artist who has been taking care of her face for fifteen years, Kardashian she shows herself without makeup to promote SKKN’s products for the face with an illuminating effect, plus other preparations necessary to keep the skin of the face and décolleté hydrated. It is not the first time that the forty-two year old has shown herself naturally on her platforms with millions of followers.

Kim Kardashian natural in the social video

Kim Kardashian is not afraid of public opinion and reveals herself for who she is to followers and customers of SKKNThe skincare brand born less than a year ago, to demonstrate the effectiveness of its beauty remedies by focusing onauthenticitya strategy (including marketing) that is always highly appreciated in the glossy world of celebrities known on Instagram.
Always faithful to the guiding principles taught by her mother-manager Kris Jenner, the true Deus ex machina of her daughters’ many businesses, Kim Kardashian is well aware that she is the best promoter of itself and the products of his lines, therefore, he has no qualms about being filmed by the cameras in the makeup station with his face completely made up, with the signs of some imperfections and some discoloration, showing all steps through which she achieves the diva look for which everyone knows her.

The partnership with Mario Dedivanovic

Kim Kardashian’s perfect face wizard, Mario Dedivanovic, is the architect of the glamorous transformation to which he submits his most famous client. The world-renowned makeup artist (also creator of a makeup line, Makeup by Mario) works with various SKKN products whose combination nourishes the skin of the face preparing her for makeup and the next steps. Highlights, as is logical for this type of promotional video, are SKKN’s face cream, exfoliating toner and oil drops from the same line. The mix allows you to obtain a soft and foundation-ready skin, the starting step for outlining Kim’s features.
Kim Kardashian and Mario Dedivanovic represent an ultra-tested team and in the video they tell the public that they have recently celebrated the first fifteen years Of their artistic and aesthetic partnership. Kardashian was perhaps the most influential spokesperson for the contouring stylethe make-up technique thanks to which women and men of showbiz and beyond have made the most of the illusionistic power of makeup to sculpt and shape facial features through blush and colored powders. The make-up artist, who is considered a contouring guru, experimented and refined his own techniques with Kim Kardashian who, in the 1910s, was one of the major beauty influencers in terms of contouring. Dedivanovic is responsible for the make-up of the star for all the advertising campaigns of her various businesses (with SKIMS in the lead) as well as the make-up for the entrepreneur’s appearances at all the Met Galas in which she has participated, not least the one in 2022 for which is transformed into an amazing Marilyn.