Kimi – Someone in Listening, tonight on Sky and NOW TV premieres

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Kimi – Someone listening is the film directed by Steven Soderbergh with Zoe Kravitz made for the HBO Max streaming platform in the United States and now on Sky Cinema and NOW on Monday 6 March 2023. A “pandemic” thriller set during the Covid 19 with an agoraphobic computer scientist forced out of her house to unravel a potential crime.

The plot of the movie

Angela Childs is a technical analyst reviewing data streams for Amygdala Corporation, supplier of the KIMI voice-activated virtual assistant. The world is in the throes of a pandemic, and even as restrictions are eased, Angela, who suffers from agoraphobia, follows a strict routine within the safety of her downtown Seattle loft. Angela communicates with her mother, her dentist and therapist via video chat and flirts with her neighbor across the street, proving she never needs to leave the comforts of home. But things change when she hears something awful in one of the streams she’s analyzing. Reporting it via email is too risky, so a trusted colleague of hers advises her to go to their downtown headquarters and speak directly to executive Natalie Chowdhury, to warn her of what Angela is sure is a serious crime. Angela hasn’t left the house since before the pandemic: even just getting to the office is a big challenge, but she is determined to do the right thing. But she has no idea what will actually happen to her when and if she manages to step out of her comfort zone.

The cast

Alongside Zoe Kravitz we also find Byron Bowers, Jaime Camil, Erika Christensen, Derek DelGaudio, Robin Givens, Charles Halford, Devin Ratray, Jacob Vargas, with Rita Wilson. The screenplay is by David Koepp