Kindness day, 10 ways to be kind to the planet

The pandemic was an opportunity to reflect on waste and prioritize sustainability. And attention to consumption begins when you get dressed: fashion renting minimizes the amount of waste and greenhouse gases produced by the entire supply chain, while at the same time reducing pollution from chemical treatments.

A good deed. A smile. Gestures that do not require effort, but that can make a difference: to remember their importance, the November 13 is celebrated the World Day of Kindness. Founded in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement, it is celebrated in various countries such as the United States, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Japan and Australia, where it was also established within the national school calendar. But how is the concept of kindness towards the environment applied in everyday consumption? Buying local products a km 0, encouragingcircular economytrying whenever possible to avoid traveling by car and also having dinner by candlelight. This is what emerges from the in-depth analysis conducted on international newspapers by Espresso Communication for DressYouCan, the Milanese startup leader in fashion renting, which collected the opinions of a panel of university professors to better understand this new trend.

Kindness towards the Planet begins already when you get dressed: “Renting a dress instead of buying it represents a gesture of kindness towards the planet – says Caterina Maestro, founder of the Milanese startup DressYouCan – in recent years the ways of consumption have changed: we reflect not only on what to consume, but if it is really worth the worth buying a certain item of clothing. Fashion renting minimizes the amount of waste and greenhouse gases produced by the entire supply chain, while at the same time reducing pollution from chemical treatments. It is a new, innovative and fast-growing business model: it is the future “.

But how is it possible to be kind and do something concrete towards the Planet? Here are 10 gestures to put into practice:

1. Plant a tree: produces oxygen and cleans the air.

2. Walk: joint, lung and heart problems are reduced step by step, as well as not introducing other CO2 into the environment.

3. Adopt a hive: with a simple gesture it will be possible to safeguard the bees that contribute to the biodiversity of the planet and to increase the production of honey.

4. Rent, don’t buy: an increasingly sustainable practice both from an economic and an environmental point of view.

5. Educate in kindness: every day is a good one to learn how to better treat our planet. Change starts with everyday gestures.

6. Reduce, reuse, recycle and donate: reduce consumption, reuse objects, recycle them correctly or donate them to those who need them most. The circular economy must become a habit.

7. Rediscover the candles: limit the use of artificial light by rediscovering the beauty of candles.

8. Eating at kilometer 0: local shopping is good for the environment and allows you to get to know local entrepreneurs allowing direct contact with their nature.

9. Helping animals in distress: kindness shouldn’t be limited to people. With small gestures it is possible to help the organizations that help animals in difficulty.

10. Keep a kindness journal– A great way to recognize and feel grateful for others’ kind actions, as well as our own.