King Charles, birthday amidst expectations and a life-size cake

The sovereign’s party at Clarence House is on November 14, but Harry will not attend

It will be a day of anticipation for King Charles, his 75th birthday. Both good and bad expectations, but let’s start with the latter: it has been known that his youngest son, Prince Harry, will not go to his father’s party at Clarence House on November 14. Just two months after his refusal to go to Balmoral for the anniversary of the Queen’s death, the Duke of Sussex also snubbed his father’s invitation, which, for many observers, would have been an attempt by the sovereign to offer a olive branch to his son with whom he has not spoken since the funeral of Elizabeth II and who he will not see, together with his daughter-in-law Meghan and his grandchildren Archie and Lilibet, since the Platinum Jubilee celebrations last year.

A disappointed expectation, therefore, for King Charles, that of finally being able to ‘thaw’ his relationship with his son, but the king will, however, be able to make amends with the long-awaited announcement of the ‘Coronation Food Project’, his initiative against food waste, the contents of which the sovereign will reveal on his birthday. The problem of food thrown away in the United Kingdom – afflicted by skyrocketing inflation which has finally affected the price of food, the cost of which a few months ago in some cases skyrocketed up to +20% – however ‘collides’ with aopulent life-size cake featuring King Charles and which was created for Cake International in Birmingham by Welsh cake artist Emma Jayne using 60kg of icing, modeling chocolate and marshmallows.

One thing is certain: Charles’ birthday party at his London home will be restricted to a smaller circle of family than the king hoped. And if nothing else, the wish that the sovereign will be able to make, both out of respect for his commitment against food waste and for his own health, is that of not seeing the cake delivered which looks strikingly similar to him and which Charles (it seems he does just that, setting a good example first) would be forced to eat for days, until the last slice.