King Charles III and the five-year plan to reduce the expenses of the Royal Family

The king is carrying out a major revolution in the monarchy. Most of the members of the royal family will have to finance themselves and fend for themselves, according to the rumors of the Evening Standard. Prince Harry and Meghan’s eviction from Frogmore Cottage in Windsor will be “just the beginning” of his plans to streamline and modernize the running of the Royal Family, according to sources. Subsidized rents for royalty – even for some working royals – will be eradicated over time, with the king expecting them to finance their own homes and “cut the cloth” over the next five years.

Even Queen Camilla will move to address the inefficiencies

Senior figures have told the Standard that after the transition period following his coronation, the king, assisted by Queen Camilla, will move to address inefficiencies in what is seen as a largely overstaffed and outdated system. Vice-Admiral Sir Tony Johnstone-Burt, Master of the Household, and Keeper of the Privy Purse Sir Michael Stevens, head of finance, will execute the directives to implement this “revolution”. Camilla has overseen the details of the King’s plan to ensure that after the coronation the royal family’s interests are managed entirely by her and the King Consort at “Clarence House way”.