King Charles still remains in hospital after prostate surgery

Third night of hospitalization, it is not known how long he will have to stay there

Charles III spent the third night in hospital after undergoing surgery following an enlarged prostate. Yesterday the King received two visits from Queen Camilla, who smiled for photographers as she arrived by car at midday at the London Clinic in central London, leaving just over three hours later. At 6pm she returned to the hospital where Princess Kate, now discharged, was also hospitalized after abdominal surgery. On Friday, after the operation, Camilla said the king was “doing well.”

It is not known how long Charles will spend in hospital. The king arrived in London from Norfolk on Thursday. He was diagnosed with the benign condition on January 17, while he was in Birkhall, Aberdeenshire, after undergoing a check-up because he was showing symptoms. It is believed he wanted to share the news to encourage other men to get checked. The NHS said the “enlarged prostate” page on its website received a visit every five seconds on the day the King’s diagnosis was announced, with further huge increases in visits in the days that followed. .