Kissinger, Fulvio Conti: “A unique mind in the world disappears”

Former CEO of Enel present at the hearing of the former Secretary of State at Copasir

With the former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger “a unique mind in the world that allowed crisis solutions between West and East disappears”. This is how the former CEO of Enel and former president of Tim, Fulvio Conti, interviewed by Adnkronos, remembers Kissinger who died at the age of 100. Conti was present at the June 30, 2008 session of the Parliamentary Committee for the Security of the Republic (Copasir) which had audited the former US Secretary of State.

The body, chaired by Francesco Rutelli, had invited him to participate in the Committee session in which the main issues concerning international relations were addressed, in order to acquire useful elements for an analysis on the adequacy of information systems for safety. In addition to Kissinger and Conti, who was Enel’s CEO at the time, the general director of Finmeccanica, Giorgio Zappa, and the director of strategies and development of Eni, Leonardo Maugeri, were also heard.