Kissinger, the Cold War and the relationship with Cossiga

The Moro case and the meeting between the two in 1979

“A key player in Cold War politics, he supported the United States in the clandestine struggle against the Soviet Union.” Francesco Cossiga was described in this way by the US press on 17 August 2010, the day of his death, and the relations between the former Head of State and Henry Kissinger are read in this context.

The news records themeeting that occurred between the two in 1979 with Cossiga as Prime Minister and then at the Quirinale, with Gianni Agnelli also present, on 7 July 1990, on the eve of the final of the World Football Championships which took place in Italy that year, before the next edition which would be hosted in the United States , with the auspices of the former Secretary of State and the Lawyer.

But much has been written about the direct and indirect link between Cossiga and Kissinger kidnapping and killing of Aldo Moro, an affair that profoundly affected the then Minister of the Interior, who resigned after the discovery of the body of the president of the Christian Democrats. In the various reconstructions of those dramatic 55 days, the meeting between Kissinger and Moro in 1974, when the head of US diplomacy he did not hesitate to express all his opposition to the DC’s overtures to the PCI which then led to the birth of National Solidarity Governments, a circumstance later denied years later by Kissinger himself in an interview on the television program ‘Mixer’. And the sending of Steve Pieczenik, an official of the US State Department, to the Interior Ministry during the days of the Moro kidnapping was linked to that episode mentioned several times.