Kobe Bryant dies, to the family 29 million in compensation for shock photos

The lawsuit filed by Vanessa Bryant, wife of Kobe and mother of Gianna Bryant, against those who had spread the photos of their bodies

The lawsuit filed by Vanessa Bryant, Kobe’s wife and Gianna Bryant’s mother (both of whom died tragically in January 2020 following a helicopter crash), against those who had spread in the following hours, closes with a settlement of 28.85 million dollars in compensation upon the death of one’s relatives, the photos of their corpses. Shots that were especially popular among employees of the firefighters and the local police of Los Angeles, with images that portrayed them consulting the photos during receptions and banquets and in one case even sharing with a bartender those shots stolen during the rescue operations on the hill of Calabasas where the tragedy occurred.

A figure therefore almost double compared to the 15 million dollars set by the judge in August 2022. The widow Bryant had said that she had had panic attacks for weeks also due to the trauma induced by the conduct of the characters who ended up on trial. “Today marks the culmination of Mrs. Vanessa Bryant’s battle to hold accountable those who engaged in such grotesque behavior. She fought for her husband, her daughter and more generally to enforce the rights of the deceased, fighting unacceptable disrespect,” explained the Bryant family lawyer.