Kobo, new ebook reader with pen and tablet functions

Elipsa 2E costs 400 euros and comes with a stylus

Kobo Rakuten has announced the arrival of a new Reader model, the Kobo Elipsa 2E, the company’s second eco-sustainable device. It features the updated and improved Kobo Stylus 2 pen for annotating, highlighting and annotating eBooks and PDFs. The device features an anti-glare 10.3-inch E Ink touchscreen and ComfortLight PRO, with integrated Bluetooth technology. It also boasts an outer shell made of 85% recycled plastic, including 10% of plastic potentially destined for the oceans. The SleepCovers are also eco-conscious, also made with 97% recycled plastic, 10% of which is intercepted before flowing into the oceans, and feature a magnetic design that snaps the cover to your device while also protecting your Kobo Stylus 2. Kobo Elipsa 2E, complete with Kobo Stylus 2, is priced at €399.99 on the Kobo website and at select retailers, and will be available April 19.

“We’ve been innovating digital reading for over a decade with our best-in-class eReaders, a huge selection of eBooks and audiobooks, and Kobo apps,” said Michael Tamblyn, CEO of Rakuten Kobo. “Kobo Elipsa 2E represents another step forward in our mission to improve the reading experience for passionate readers by bridging the gap between print and digital books. This device offers an unprecedented reading experience, increasingly engaging and personalized. We are also aware that for many of our customers, reading is not just about seeing words on a page, it is a complete immersion into the world of ideas. That’s why it needs a device that allows you to highlight, annotate and capture inspiration in infinite notes, which can be saved in digital notebooks. ”