Kosovo, KFOR soldiers injured in clashes repatriated

After the clashes a week ago in Kosovo, the Italian soldiers belonging to KFOR, the NATO force stationed in the area for almost 25 years, were repatriated with a military flight from the capital of North Macedonia, as reported by the Embassy in Skopje on your Facebook profile. KFOR has announced that the 15 Italians who were injured during the protests in northern Kosovo have already returned to Italy. They will receive medical treatment in the Italian Celio military hospital: “The others will seek treatment in the KFOR medical infirmary at the headquarters of the NATO mission, and should soon return to their activities”, reads a statement. The Commander of KFOR, General of Division Angelo Michele Ristuccia, met the Italian military at Pristina airport, to once again wish them a speedy and complete recovery.

New forces coming

Meanwhile, NATO reinforcements began to arrive in Kosovo today, following the violence that injured 30 KFOR soldiers during last week’s clashes. Around 500 members of Turkey’s 65th Mechanized Infantry Brigade will make up the bulk of the reinforcements. The Turkish battalion will initially be stationed at Camp Sultan Murat and will be deployed on the ground for as long as necessary. An additional battalion of NATO reserve forces has been placed on high alert to be deployed if needed. It can be read in a note.