Kourtney Kardashian ‘passed out’ drunk at her wedding to Travis Barker in Las Vegas

kourtney kardashian I know “Fainting” drunk during her wedding in Las Vegas. The founder of Poosh and her husband Travis Barker decided to walk down the aisle in Sin City in the first few hours after attending the Grammy Awards in April, and things quickly got messy inside The One Love Wedding Chapel, with the mother of three throwing up. in her hangover state.

In a confessional about ‘The Kardashians,’ he said: “I didn’t even remember Elvis, he sang to me walking down the hall. He didn’t remember that he had a bouquet.”

told his friend simon huck that “passed out” because she was very drunk, and the black-haired beauty fell drunk to the ground of the place.

Also, at the chaotic ceremony, the Elvis impersonator who married the lovebirds kept calling the 43-year-old woman by her sister Khloe’s name.

Kourtney recalled: “When Elvis was going to marry us, he said, ‘I, Khloe, I accept you, Travis.’

“And I just lost my mind, fell straight to the ground, and we couldn’t get up.”

The reality star, who has to Mason12, Penelope10 and kingseven, with his ex-partner Scott Disickjoked that she was a “hot skewer”.

She continued: “However, I vomited afterwards, took off my blouse and unbuttoned my pants.

“I had to walk back through the hotel with a million people taking a picture of me. I was a hot fucking fuck.”

Travis, 46, found it all amusing and said with a smile: “If that was anything like our royal wedding, I’d be very excited. because it was great. It was so funny.”

They didn’t even get an official marriage license to show off their wild 2am ceremony, but the couple made things official at a courthouse in Santa Barbara weeks later, before throwing a family wedding with no expense spared in Italy.

Kourtney gushed: “I really am living my best life.

“Don’t let anyone tell you anything different.”