Kroce puts the sense of reflection in a Pagliaccio: the video

Clown”Is my new single and I’m thrilled to tell you the message I want to leave for listeners. The passage reflects on how to try to stop for a moment before, when one has in mind to express an opinion or to speak by hearsay of another person. A sort of “journey behind the mask”, an outlet, a collection of moments of my life hidden between metaphors and iconic images, with the aim of immersing the viewer in a path that wants to create empathy and make people reflect.

The video clip of the song was shot, directed and edited by professionals in the cinema sector, such as Giulio Neglia as director, Francesco Giorgi as photography and Valeriano Spirito as editor. I like to define it as an “author video” in which the focus is on my figure as the main interpreter of the song together with the presence of Marzia Meddi, amazing in the role of the “mask” and the construction of the clown. Thanks to her mimicry and her acting skills, she was able to give added value in deepening the discomfort and constraint of a role in which one does not identify and which has not been chosen, but in which one finds oneself because it has been there. sewn on because of the inevitability of life or its circumstances. And so you look in the mirror and see someone else, you don’t recognize yourself, you don’t identify with what you are.

The settings are deliberately few and not easily identifiable, without reference points and well-defined locations in space and time precisely to create a sense of intimacy and estrangement from any context. It is the story of the individual linked only to himself, to memory, memory and thought. It is the image of one who has never felt that he belongs to a particular place, but who has always had to rely on himself and his awareness in the search for a place in the world.

I love to get known, so I wanted to bring myself in first person in front of the camera, not as the first of the clowns, but as one of the many who know what it means to live certain things, as the final sentence of the song says. “[…] but deep down I’m just a clown “. With this song I want to let those who have felt in these conditions know that they are not alone, and that there is a way to create their own place in the world. We often find ourselves trapped in our own life, but we are the result of every fall, every bruise, every tear; every obstacle and suffering can teach us something and make us grow. I am convinced that we can afford, if we allow ourselves first of all, to remove the mask and make our voices heard.