Kuwait Petroleum CEO: “We need to continue investing and stable taxation systems”

Sheikh Nawaf Saud Nasser Al-Sabah at the Rome Med 2022

“We have been in Italy for decades and Italy is our second largest facility in terms ofpurchase of fuel. What you need to understand is that you need to keep going invest with more stable tax systems in order to continue investing in the future and continue to reduce co2 emissions as we are doing in our distribution systems”. at the Rome Med 2022 and the CEO of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, Sheikh Nawaf Saud Nasser Al-Sabah

As for the oil price trend, Al-Sabah underlines, “we asked our customers for more or less the same price compared to last year thanks to the increase in production volumes. What I understood based on what I have gathered from our partners and our customers is that situation is good now but still there is a disconnect between oil and gas production.The oil market is not stable at the moment but from our point of view there are supplies on the market”.