La Bombona interrupts Helhue Sukni in her video and reveals the whole truth about her mother

The renowned Chilean lawyer helhue sukni He surprised his followers on social networks by revealing that he has not been in good health and that he has been away from the videos.

However, one of his daughters, sami rabiknown as the carboymade an unexpected interruption in the video of his mother to clarify some points about the participation of the family in the household chores.

La Bombona interrupts Helhue Sukni in her video and reveals the whole truth about her mother

Helhue Sukni, known for her successful career in the world of law, is one of the most influential personalities on social media.

Recently, the lawyer reappeared on her Instagram account to talk about her health, but what caught the attention of her followers was an unexpected interruption from her daughter, La Bombona.

In the video, Helhue Sukni confessed that she has been sick and has not been able to make videos for her followers. But, before she could continue, La Bombona interrupted her to clarify a few things about her family’s involvement in household chores.

According to Samia, her mother doesn’t always tell the truth when she says that she is cooking and washing the dishes. “It’s a lie, and almost every time he says he’s cooking, it’s 50 percent true and 50 percent false.”

“So that people do not say that we do not help and do nothing. The same with washing dishes”said La Bombona.

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Helhue Sukni acknowledged that her daughters do help her with the housework and, in fact, her daughter La Bombona had just prepared a pasta salad with tuna, onion, tomato, and sauces.

Helhue Sukni’s confession about her health and her daughter’s interruption in the video went viral on social media. The lawyer’s followers appreciated her honesty and also had fun with the unexpected moment of La Bombona.