La casa di carta, the long-awaited news arrives: immense joy for the fans

Here comes the long-awaited news on “La casa di carta”, immense joy for fans of the television series: this is what it is

Until now it was in the air, but finally the official has arrived. Fans of the beloved television series can cheer. The long-awaited news has arrived and it is truly an immense joy for those who have followed the TV series in recent years.

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Here comes the long-awaited news on La casa di carta: this is what it is (Source: Instagram)

The paper house, the long-awaited news has arrived

La casa di carta is a Spanish television series created by Álex Pina. It was initially broadcast on Antena 3, after the success Netflix he decided to buy the rights and re-broadcast the first season by re-assembling it. The platform has in fact decreased the duration of the episodes and divided it into two parts. It subsequently produced two more seasons, also divided into two parts.

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The television series was a huge success, not in Spain, but also in our country. Among other things, some scenes were also shot in Italy and there were hundreds of fans cheering loudly for their favorite actors.

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The TV series has won numerous awards: Best Drama Series at the International Emmy Award, the Audience Award for Best Spanish Series at the Fotogramas de Plata, Best Direction and Best Fiction for Critics at the FestVal of Television and Radios of Vitoria.

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Tomorrow the last part of the third season will be released, or rather the epilogue of the television series. If on the one hand the fans have a reason to be sad, on the other hand they must rejoice because some great news has arrived. The producers of the television series have decided to make one as well spin off. The news was in the air, but only now has it become official.

The spin-off will arrive in 2023 on Netflix and will be centered around the character of Berlin. As we know, the character died in the second season, but he was always present in the television series thanks to some flashbacks. The spin-off is expected to be a prequel centered on the adventures of the Professor’s older brother before the two jointly planned the robbery of the State Mint.

At the moment we know the period of the broadcast, but not the official date nor the actors who will be part of the spin-off. Surely we could find Rafael, the son of Berlin we met in the first episodes of Part 5, and probably also the Professor.