La China Suárez raises the temperature in a bathing suit

China Suárez continues to be in the spotlight of the news. Recently the conversation that Pampita had with Benjamin Vicuña about the former “Almost Angels”. As revealed by the journalist Paula Varela in Intruders, the host told the national actor: “Pampita told her: ‘If you love her so much, do something and get her back.” It was verbatim ”.

But Pampita would also have spoken with Vicuña after the Wandagate. Remember that having three children in common, their contact is constant. The same journalist said that the Academy jury reaffirmed the national actor: “That is the woman you chose.”

It is that Pampita already lived that situation previously in 2015 when she found the China in the famous motorhome with her husband at the time, while they were filming “El Hilo Rojo”. At that time, the driver assured that “there was a smell of sex.”

Source: Instagram @sangrejaponesa

In the last hours, Suarez shared a photograph of a close-up of her face that was immediately filled with comments such as “Everything is fine, but how are you going to have that face ???”, “You can’t more than lindaa” and “I love you china, I don’t dress like retired old man. Come and I’ll bait you one tere ”. The latter referring to Mauro Icardi.

Source: Instagram @sangrejaponesa

In addition, in his Instagram stories, he shared some images of his Sewwt Lady by China swimsuit collection. On this occasion, she wore a black bikini with white ruffles on both pieces.