La China Suárez stunned the net in a tight bodysuit

Since he met Cris Morena, China Suarez never stopped working. Although she takes her days off each year, the actress is always on a new project in a different country or is releasing a song. She also recently participated in the video for ‘Perfecta’, the last song released by her boyfriend, Rusherking.

The China also made a collaboration with the Argentine cumbia singer Ezequiel Iván Cwirkaluk,? 2better known as ‘the Pole’. Although the video clip will be out in a few weeks, part of the recording that includes both musicians was leaked through social networks. “The phone is hung up, it is no longer on hold, I loved you in a million ways. Very little is missing …”, the actress had written in a publication.

in the last hours, Suarez fell in love again through the network of the camera. “Have you discovered Hotel Hennes by H&M yet? I am in love with these clothes and I think you will fall in love too! I discovered more about Hotel Hennes in H&M stores” was the promotion made by the actress.

In one of the images Instagram, the interpreter of ‘What they say about me’ wore a tight pink bodysuit and lime green pants. The post quickly surpassed 100,000 likes and 470 comments. One of the first to comment was her boyfriend, Rusherking, who wrote “Does your face hurt ?????”, a compliment used to say “Doesn’t your face hurt from being so pretty?”

China Suárez in tight top. Source: Instagram @sangrejaponesa

In the comment box of the post China Suarez The focus was also on how important it is for advertising to have sizes of all sizes. “It’s good that society takes into account that “the perfect body” is not just 90,60,90. It’s frustrating to go to a store and they tell you “I don’t have a size for you.” It never happened to me but people very close to me have experienced it and it’s very sad, “wrote a follower.