La Crus, the long-awaited return is titled Io Confesso and features Carmen Consoli

THE The Crus are back. The band formed by Mauro Ermanno Giovanardi, Cesare Malfatti And Alessandro Cremonesi reappears by publishing a new version of I Confess, embellished by the featuring of Carmen Consoli and from the production of Matteo

Cantaluppi which makes it spectacular! I Confess is the song that has become iconic and the moral winner of the 2011 edition of Sanremo. Now Carmen Consoli with its expressiveness and interpretation it makes it even more exciting and fascinating

and sensual, underlining, thanks to the duet, the profound meaning of the song. Matteo Cantaluppi who produced it, finally gave it a vintage/futurist flavour,

making it fresher and more contemporary.

To celebrate the reunion of The Crus working in the studio on finishing an album

forthcoming publication, composed of unreleased songs, preceded by two revisitations of as many historical songs by the band; beyond I Confessa new one is also planned

version of another piece, currently kept secret. A live preview will arrive on November 25th Reggio Emiliaat the Ariosto Theatre, in an evening shared with Paolo Benvegnù, within the XVII edition of the Il Rumore del Lutto Festival (info The event, in addition to being the “finissage” of the event, is therefore a sensational national first and promises to be one of the most awaited moments of the programming of the Festival.