“La Dama Velata”: all fans are stunned by this news

Crazy news for the audience of La Dama Velata, the beloved Rai Uno fiction with Miriam Leone and Lino Guanciale: what a twist!

As happens every year in the summer, even during these last months the television programming has been filled with reruns of various programs aired in previous seasons. Both Rai and Mediaset have re-proposed their ‘workhorses’ and among these Rai Uno has chosen the episodes of The Veiled Lady.

La Dama Velata shocking novelty (Credits: RaiPlay)

The fiction with Miriam Leone and Lino Pillow playing the protagonists Clara and Guido was broadcast for the first time in the spring of 2015 and was an incredible success. Think, 5 million users for the debut episode and 6 million for the last one, also beating the Wolfsburg-Napoli match of the Europa League! And the most surprising thing is that this summer’s reruns have also achieved excellent results in terms of audience. Indeed, many of those who missed that first TV years ago have now joined the crowd of viewers of the compelling story.

In light of all this consensus, it was legitimate to expect a second season, with new dramas and exciting new intrigues. But so far inexplicably there has not been. In this regard, there are no official reasons, but one can venture the hypothesis that Rai in recent years has wanted to invest in current series that, undoubtedly, have proved to be very popular products. True Tv however, reveals a twist that leaves everyone speechless, let’s see what happened!

The Veiled Lady, sensational! Big news in sight, incredulous fans

To suggest that there were not many chances of seeing a sequel to the story between Clara and Guido, it was also the fact that the first season had ended quite clearly, with no glimmers that could suggest further developments of the plot. Yet, according to what he reports True TvRai would have changed its mind about it and would be studying the situation for the possible launch of a second season.

In fact, despite the happy ending of the first, the writers could still find tricks to give the audience other emotions. On social networks you can see the great demand from viewers who do not spare praise for the two protagonists.

The roles played by Leone and Guanciale respectively represented an important turning point in their careers. Something that the Abruzzese actor has recently acknowledged, regarding the success of the replicas. He who knows then that they will not accept, if Rai were to decide to carry out the project of a second chapter.

The Veiled Lady
The Veiled Lady all speechless (Credits: RaiPlay)

All that remains is to wait to finally know what the fate of The Veiled Lady.