La Lavadora, the first novel by Jerry Calà

The lavadora (The washing machine) is the first novel by Jerry Calà, published by Bibliotheka Edizioni. It tells of two Italian friends who come to Cuba to turn a decommissioned factory into a disco, but find themselves embroiled in a completely unexpected and unpredictable situation: the love story of one of them that will upset the course of events.

The lavadora, the plot

A singular relationship, in a wild and uncontaminated nature, between sun, sea, music and dance, with three protagonists: Fulvio, the Italian, a Peter Pan, butterfly and superficial, Juanita, a beautiful Cuban, who bites the brake and runs away from its old world, a small fishing village, attracted by the new one that seems to advance in magical Havana, and a lavadora (a washing machine) an innocent gift that turns into a sort of evil totem and alters the serene and peaceful life of the inhabitants of small village, but which at the same time, during an adventurous journey in the luxuriant Cuban jungle, will favor the inner growth of Fulvio and Juanita herself who will totally revise their life prospects.

The actor and director Jerry Calà after the success of the autobiography published in 2016 with Sperling & Kupfer / Mondadori, returns to the bookstore with a novel that is both funny and melancholy at the same time.


Jerry Calà together with Gino Capone, signs his first novel, an act of love for Cuba, capable of giving the reader all the contradictory charm of an island split between consumerist yearnings and legacies of the past, where even the purchase of a an apparently common object can transform itself into an element of fracture, of upset of a delicate social balance, which lays its foundations on the most classic of binomials, namely misery and nobility.