“La Lollo loved me, she was the godmother of the snow miracle”

The memory of the Montician architect Cesare Esposito who for 39 years has been organizing in Santa Maria Maggiore the artificial snowfall that recalls the prodigy that took place in 358 AD on the Esquiline

Gina Lollobrigida was also godmother of the historical re-enactment of the miracle of the snow in Rome on 5 August 1995, the great actress who passed away on 16 January whose funeral home was opened today in the Campidoglio. This is remembered by the creator of the event, the Montician architect Cesare Esposito, who for 39 years has been organizing the artificial snowfall in Santa Maria Maggiore which recalls the prodigy of the Madonna della Neve which took place in 358 AD on the Esquiline Hill.

“La Lollo – Esposito tells Adnkronos – was godmother of the miracle of the snow under the papacy of John Paul II, I remember a meeting in the garden of her villa on the Appian Way to prepare for that event. It was an exciting moment to have her close while in the square the soprano sang the Ave Maria, I remember my tears of joy. I admired her for her simplicity, she loved me because she could see my true artistic vein. We were united in the search for amazement, not for appearing but of giving with love”.

The miracle of the snow is a devotional tradition very dear to the Romans. According to legend, on the night between 4 and 5 August 358 AD Our Lady appeared in a dream to a noble patrician and his wife who, having no children, had decided to have a church built in her name and told them that a miracle would have indicated the place on which to build it. Pope Liberius also had the same dream and the following day, going to the Esquiline, he found it covered in snow. The Pope himself traced the perimeter of the building and the church was built at the expense of the two spouses, becoming known as the church of Santa Maria ‘Liberiana’ or popularly ‘ad Nives’.