“La Rosalìa”: the Latin pop star conquers the Coachella 2023 Festival. VIDEO

Latin pop is one of the protagonists of this edition of Coachella and she, Rosalìa, is one of the most important exponents of this music.

She takes the main stage at Coachella and kicks off a show in perfect Rosalìa style: dancers, energy, a little arrogance that makes her even more magical and hypnotic. She sings, dances, she gets excited especially when she, looking at the crowds on the Coachella esplanade, says (in English and Spanish): “I’m from Barcelona, ​​if I’m here it’s only thanks to you!” Then her duet, very tender and emotional, with her boyfriend Rauw Alejandro on the notes of “Beso” (and yes: we all get excited and moved a little).

Of local traditions, but with global ambitions

Catalan, flamenco lover, explosive, experimental. Collaborations with James Blake, The Weeknd, Billie Eilish, Travis Scott, Bad Bunny and Ozuna. She is the only Spanish artist to win an MTV music award. To which are added, with only three studio albums, eight Latin Grammys, and the first Grammy for best Latin rock, urban or alternative album won in 2020 with El mal querer, her second album. And then, Último but no less important: first artist with a discography entirely in Spanish nominated for a Grammy as “Best new artist”. Welcome to the sin miedo, fearless world of Rosalìa, Catalan, interpreter of an innovative pop, contaminated by flamenco and twenty-first century technologies.

A world of Latin shades

A world of influences, nuances, just like that little butterfly on her big smile. “I don’t make music just because I know I was born to write songs. It’s for everyone, it’s for sharing. I’d be selfish if you made music just for me. And then I think: «How can I stay true to my creative process and make something that people like too?». It has to meet the taste of others and it’s not always easy. You never know if it will happen or not. The important thing is that there is at least the intention to do so ”she declared to Paìs Rosalìa. Which, among the various successes achieved, in 2019 saw his name among the favorite singers of Barack Obama, who every year writes a list of the artists he loves most. Among these also Rosalìa.

The magical voice of “La reina”

She uses her voice in different ways because it is an instrument, she combines all her musical passions, without forgetting her origins: Rosalìa has just begun her journey, always and in any case sin miedo, without fear.