La Rosalía: this is the delicate area where the singer got her new tattoo

The Spanish singer Rosalia The 28-year-old is one of the most listened to artists of the moment and also one of the most followed on social networks where she accumulates more than 18 million followers from all latitudes. This week he was at the center of the controversy due to the premiere of the new song ‘Hentai’, which the public did not like at all.

Rosalia. Source: Terra archive

This piece of music that has just been released The Rosalia It belongs to his new album called “Motomami” that he will finish releasing this year. Everything seems to indicate that it was not to the liking of her fans who destroyed her on social networks for not understanding the lyrics and also assure that it has nothing to do with her style.

She did not remain silent and answered the haters via Twiiter where she told them: “The people who are bothering you with the Hentai lyrics, are you okay??” That was the only reference she made to her premiere and she continued with her routine during the trip she made to the snow with her boyfriend. Raw Alexander.

Rosalia on her vacation. Source: instagram @rosalia.vt

The romance with his colleague is going better than ever and the Rosalia decided to get a double tattoo to honor this love. She made up her mind and made two capital R’s on the sole of her foot, a very delicate and painful area for the needle to make the design with chine ink.

Rosalia’s tattoo. Source: instagram @rosalia.vt

In spite of that, the sole of the foot is a discreet and not so visual place in case in a while it breaks with Raw Alexander. Once again his fans are divided, some say it’s a beautiful gesture of love while others think it’s a bit exaggerated.