La Russa: “I don’t like the anti-reversal rule, if prime minister falls we’ll vote”

The reform that will reach the Council of Ministers on Friday is “the least invasive possible”, underlines Ignazio La Russa

“I want to be honest: I would remove that mechanism which provides that, once a prime minister has fallen, another government can be born with another prime minister, as long as it is supported by those who voted confidence in the previous executive at least once.” This is what the President of the Senate Ignazio La Russa underlines in an interview with Republicregarding the constitutional bill on the premiership being studied by the government.

The words of La Russa

“In the reform, the anti-reversal rule doesn’t convince me”, continues La Russa. “If you have to carry out a direct election of the prime minister, then it is better to do it right to the end. My opinion is that it would be better – as well as clearer, more understandable also in front of the citizens – to say: if the prime minister resigns or is given a vote of no confidence, let’s go back to the vote”, observes the exponent of Fratelli d’Italia, according to whom Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni shares this vision.

The reform

The reform that will arrive in the Council of Ministers on Friday is “the least invasive possible”, La Russa further told Il Fatto newspaper, and the President of the Republic is left “the most important power, that is, the countersigning of the laws”, underlines La Russa .

Finally, some advice to Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni on the need to avoid the consultation on the constitutional reform: “For me we shouldn’t get to the referendum. I am in favor of making some concessions to the opposition that do not distort the initial text”.