La Russa president of the Senate, who voted for him? The calculations of the Democratic Party

The dem reading: Action / Iv do ut des move on Chambers vice presidencies, on 5 Stars internal clutches in Contiani

The Democratic Party has its own reading of what happened in the Senate with the election as president of Ignazio La Russa thanks to the votes of part of the opposition. A leading dem executive explains it thus to Adnkronos. “The 9 senators of the Third Pole voted for La Russa, then other votes came from the Mixed, maybe there are also the only 2 votes from Fi and then some M5S senators would have voted”.

Different motivations behind the moves of Terzo Polo and 5 Stelle. “On the Third Pole the explanation is simple: a do ut des on the vice-presidencies of the Chambers”. Action / Iv are raising their tones – yesterday Matteo Renzi did it first – denouncing that Pd and M5S would like to keep them out of institutional offices.

In short, take the 4 vice presidencies (2 in the Chamber and 2 in the Senate) leaving the centrists out. Therefore, the ‘rescue’ today to the majority should be read in this key, argues among the dem. To then have a ‘rescue’ when the time comes to vote for the vice presidents. The vote will probably take place next Wednesday. As for the 5 Stars, according to the dem, there would be friction between the contiani on balance and internal organization. And the vote should be read as a signal for Giuseppe Conte. “Us? No, we were absolutely compact – explains the same leading source to Adnkronos – also because compared to the previous legislature, now there is more homogeneity in the group in the Senate”.