La Russa: “Renzi was upstart of the Left, Salvini whistled the national anthem”

The president of the Senate to Adnkronos: “Meloni-Calenda meeting? the leader of Action was very good”

“Renzi was an upstart of the Left, he had nothing to do with the Left, like Salvini he had nothing to do with an Italian project, because his was a local project”. The President of the Senate said so Ignatius LaRussa speaking at the Tricolor Festival of Fratelli d’Italia in Catania. “Unlike them, we have precise points of reference, we are a party we care a lot about and we have a leader who is the daughter of our ideas – he says – If Renzi goes to command the ex-communist party and Salvini goes to form a national party who whistled the national anthem, we have a leader daughter of our ideas and they are clear ideas, a hard core made of heart that will not die”.

“Calenda I must say that he was very good at doing what the Brothers of Italy suggested him to do, because we, when Draghi was in the government, did what Calenda tried to do, I don’t know with what results”, he said later to Adnkronos talking about the meeting between the premier and Carlo Calenda. “Meloni had gone to Draghi to bring the proposals and Draghi had listened to her – she says – Now Giorgia was on the other side of the table”. “When asked if it is Calenda’s approach to the government, La Russa replies:” No, it is a way that we were the first to initiate, that of considering the opposition not only destructive but also constructive which we hope Calenda will want to follow. As President of the Senate, I doubly hope so, because it would also facilitate the tasks of those who direct the proceedings in the classroom”. “What interests me – he says is that the practice of an opposition that wants to deal with those who have been placed running the country is something I appreciate.”