La Scala Dance&Dance Award for ‘Lore’ by Wayne McGregor

Interesting and original reinterpretation of ‘Les noces’ by Bronislava Nijinska won the ‘Best Production for Ballet Corps’.

Once again for the 2022 season, the Balletto della Scala wins awards from the jury of the specialized monthly Danza&Danza. Named after the founder of the magazine of the same name and creator of the Mario Bedendo Prize, the Danza&Danza prizes are awarded by the dance critics and journalists of the magazine (print and web) to artists, shows and projects that stood out on Italian stages during the year, with the exception of the ‘Italian dancers abroad’ category. For the 2022 season ‘Lore’, an interesting and original reinterpretation of ‘Les noces’ signed by Wayne McGregor for the Ballet Company of the Teatro alla Scala is the ‘Best Production for Ballet Company’.

“A multicentric physical language, stunning in telling us about today without falling into the caption belongs to ‘Lore’, a choreographic and powerful rewriting by Wayne McGregor from ‘Les Noces’ by Nijinska/Stravinsky (1923) – reads an excerpt from the motivation – conceived on the ballet corps of the Teatro alla Scala. The ballet technique unravels in voracious speed becoming a contemporary language with spiral lines that break its harmony. A style that the Scala dancers have made their own in a myriad of simultaneous rituals, luminous in the fluidity of the genre. A show – the motivation continues – which inherits from the Ballets Russes the richness of the relationship between the arts and in which contemporary society vibrates, with its tragedies and hopes”.