La Traviata at the Greek Theater of Tindari

The Tindari Archaeological Park, directed by Anna Maria Piccione, wanted to confirm the 2023 edition of the Stone Theater Opera Festival. Tomorrow at 9 pm the cavea of ​​the Greek Theater of Tindari “will be flooded with passion, energy, feeling and rhythm thanks to the production of La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi which on August 5th inaugurated the opera section of the Stone Theater Opera Festival 2023 from the Greek Theater of Syracuse”. “The absolute protagonist of the cultural offer of excellence has turned out to be the Archaeological Park directed by Anna Maria Piccione which has guaranteed the Sicilian Lyric Choir, an internationally prestigious body that has been bringing classical music to the Greek Theater of Tindari for 7 years, the possibility to carry out the events scheduled for the 2023 edition of the Stone Theater Opera Festival, a kermesse now consecrated as a cultural beacon of reference in the south”, reads a note.

“Unfortunately – it must be said – the Municipality of Patti, organizer of the Tindari Festival, did not demonstrate a similar vision, which backed down in the face of the right requests of the organizers, who asked, if nothing else, at least the confirmation of the conditions obtained in previous years”, explain the organizers. “It is the second time this year – said Francesco Costa artistic director of the Stone Theater Opera Festival – that at the Festival we are forced to come up against an at least questionable vision of the management of our Greek jewels, as the local administrators sometimes they choose to prefer light music, pop, rock events to more classic events, which, without a shadow of a doubt, are better suited to the archaeological areas. At the end of the season it will perhaps be appropriate to reflect on this, because it is evident that, first of all, classical performances and so-called “cultured” music should find ample space in stone theaters, without wanting to detract from the music slight, but it is certainly not plausible that the opposite would happen”.

“Once again, thanks to the farsightedness of the Archaeological Park of Tindari, the glasses will be raised and it will be possible to toast to a performance that will certainly remain in the history of one of the most evocative places in our Sicily”. The masterpiece of the Cigno di Busseto will be realized in a complete and innovative way with a particular mise en espace signed by the directorial talent of Salvo Dolce, with effects that will give the spectator a real intimate involvement in the three-act drama inspired by “La Dame aux camelias” by Alexandre Dumas fils. Absolute protagonists are two of the most important ensembles, the Sicilian Opera Choir and the Calabrian Philharmonic Orchestra, directed by Filippo Arlia. The festive and carefree air of the opera will be enriched by the overwhelming rhythms and evocative power of Andalusian dance thanks to the original Flamenco Ballet of Murcia (Spain) directed by Matilde Rubio, for a night steeped in magic, myth and eternity.