Labor decree 2023, Meloni to unions: “The priority is to lighten the tax burden”

The premier: “Meeting with the social partners is very important, serious and constructive dialogue is needed. CDM on May 1? I would have expected a ‘bravi'”

”It is not a one-off appointment but a further sign of the fact that the government considers the dialogue with the social partners very important, in a particular moment in which we have so many challenges for our nation to face”. The Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, would have said it, according to what is learned, speaking with the unions during the summit taking place in Palazzo Chigi on the work decree law.

”So today’s meeting – according to the prime minister – is not exhaustive with respect to our dialogue, also because the process of the provision that we will approve tomorrow will be quite long”. Therefore ”a serious, constructive dialogue is needed, both at work and on all the subjects we will be dealing with ”, she underlines.

TAX WEDGE CUT – “The government’s priority in any case – says Meloni – is to lighten the tax burden on labor costs. We approved the Def, which freed up resources that we completely dedicated to cutting the tax wedge. We had already given a signal with the budget law , maintaining the two cut points already decided by the previous government for wages under 35 thousand euros and adding a further point: we arrive at 6% of the cut under 35 thousand euros and 7% under 25 thousand euros, until the end of the year ”, underlines Meloni.

JOB SECURITY – “Tomorrow’s measures also include significant rules on safety at work. This too is a nice way to celebrate May 1st”, the prime minister would have anticipated, according to what we learn, during the summit with the unions.

DRC – ”Let’s proceed with the reform of the citizen’s income to distinguish who is able to work from who is not,’ Meloni would have underlined.

CDM 1st MAY – ”A CDM on May 1st to cut the cost of labor is not a lack of respect. It is a signal and I would have expected a ‘bravo’, the Prime Minister would have said.