Labor decree, Renzi: “Tax cuts are more important? Giorgia, what are you saying?”

“Yesterday Giorgia Meloni had a fight not only with politics, but also with mathematics”

“Today’s 60 seconds are dedicated to Giorgia Meloni and the news of the day: the reduction of taxes on labour. Yesterday there was this crazy video from Palazzo Chigi in which Giorgia Meloni solemnly announces: ‘We have cut 4 billion’, there are 3 but little changes, ‘and this is the most important tax cut on labor in recent decades’.Giorgia what are you saying?”. As Matthew Renzi in a video on Instagram.

“This tax cut, a small nick, is much smaller than other interventions. For example – he continues – do you remember the 80 euros? Giorgia Meloni remembers them because she called them electoral tips. Well, the 80 euros are worth 10 billion. the 3 billion of Meloni “.

“Then what is certain – concludes Renzi – is that yesterday Giorgia Meloni did not only argue with politics, but also with mathematics. If taxes on labor are thrown down, we are happy but then let’s do it seriously”.