Ladies in the saddle, Northern League member Stefani leads the intergroup for motorcycle mobility

After the parliamentary clubs dedicated to football clubs, to the main Italian teams, such as Juventus, Inter, Milan, Rome and Lazio, the ladies and gentlemen unite in an intergroup of motorcycle enthusiasts. The initiative was signed by Northern League senator Erika Stefani, giving life to the intergroup for motorcycling mobility, which includes MPs Roberto Bagnasco, Gianni Berrino, Gian Marco Centinaio, Massimo Garavaglia, Dario Giagoni, Giandonato La Salandra, Ciro Maschio, Stefania Pucciarelli, Domenica Spinelli, Giusy Versace.

“The group’s objective – declares Erika Stefani – will be to promote legislative initiatives, discussion activities, activate promotional proposals that favor mobility on two wheels and road safety education, improve user safety, support production and promote sport activity”.

“The two wheels, we recall, are also a resource in the field of sustainable mobility and feed an economic sector characterized not only by the production of motor vehicles, clothing and safety devices, but also by related industries in the field of tourism and promotion of the Italian territories, a popular destination for motorbike tourists”, concludes the Venetian ‘centaura’.