Lady Bonucci attacks Juve: “Not even a shabby hug”

Social outburst by Martina Maccari, wife of the former Juventus defender who has decided to sue the club for having left him out of the squad

“What do we have left then? Not even a squalid, last hug.” This opens a long post on Instagram by Martina Maccari, wife of Leonardo Bonucci, in the aftermath of the former Juventus defender’s decision to sue the club for having left him out of the squad. “It was on a rainy morning in Turin that I had to come and look at you – continues Lady Bonucci -. Because looking at you makes me believe that for a moment, perhaps, you can feel me. 13 years. For thirteen long years you and I have been friends. And You know it. Of those where one is bigger and one is smaller, one is loved by everyone and the other instead has to struggle to find its space. Friends dragged by passion, even into antagonism. Friends who don’t choose each other but that life brings us closer, who knows for what strange purpose… You and I shared the passion for the same man, and you (now I can confess it) have always won. You were always the first thought, you were the one with the priority, and I am the one of the time that remains. You have always been the one who is there even when you don’t see it…

“Just like the Friends who always make you feel a little in the shadow, but who in the end make you feel protected – adds Maccari -. The ones who know you are second but after an unattainable first. The ones who look at her and always find the “right inspiration. Even when things go wrong, she is able to pass on the right inspiration and you are there to amaze you every time. It is for this reason, perhaps, that in this love of mine absorbed by osmosis, I often hate you. I have you hated in the shadow of the solitude to which you forced me with a programmed, calendarized cadence. Beyond the horizon of uncontrollable feelings such as love and hate, I was certain, however, that you would be a beacon forever. Of the right thing at the right time , even if it were the last moment, the one at the end of the time available”.

“I thought that despite life and the normal mechanisms of the course of time that we know very well, we would continue to recognize each other. I thought we would be faithful forever to a story that talks about life, about giving and taking, about sacrifice and gratitude, about work and love, a life story that spoke of a care pact. Beyond the modern meat grinder, I thought we would continue to care for each other. I’m so sorry. I won’t change my path when I meet you. I keep faith with the pacts. Losing so much, also giving up what we fought for for so many years. Have a good life”, concludes Bonucci’s wife.