Lady Diana, a terrible background emerges: the contents of that note

Lady Diana, a terrible background about the death of the beloved princess appears: the contents of that note.

A death that shocked the world, that of Diana Spencer, which took place on Sunday 31 August 1997. The beloved princess lost her life due to a car accident, which took place in Paris, under the Ponte de l’Alma.

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A dramatic event that still today, after 25 years, is remembered with extreme pain by the many who loved and admired the Princess of Wales. An event around which, however, numerous questions continue to revolve. The documentary has thought about adding new ones Investigating Diana: death in Paristhe docu series dedicated to the disappearance of Lady D, produced by Channel 4 and Discovery Plus. In fact, the documentary talks about a particular ticket: the content will leave you speechless.

Lady Diana and the ticket delivered to the authorities: the background that not everyone knows

Princess Diana feared that someone would want to kill her. This is revealed in the new documentary dedicated to the death of the unforgettable Princess of Wales, which took place in August 1997. A documentary in which we talk about the ‘Mishcon Note ‘the note through which Lady D would have predicted what happened to her. What happened and what is the Mishcon Note?

In October 1995, Victor Mishcon, Diana’s lawyer, has collected in writing a statement from the princess. Princess that she revealed she knew, from undeclared but reliable sources, that someone would make efforts for “Get rid of her” by April 1996 and that all of this would happen right through un car accident, which would have killed or seriously injured her. Lady D’s words were reported on this note which, however, would have been received with superficiality.

The princess would have ‘predicted’ her death two years before the tragic accident, but the document collected by Mishcon would have been kept. in the safe for six years. After Lady D’s death, Mishcon would deliver the note to the then London Police Commissioner, Paul Condon, who would keep it in the safe. The famous papers would only reach the French police with the arrival of the new commissioner John Stevens. The latter told the Daily Best: “I saw Lord Mishcon about a month before his death in 2005. He was certain that Diana was paranoid and she had never given much weight to those notes.”

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Lady Diana Spencer (Instagram Credits)

Notes that, today, seem to be a real omen of the tragic accident that, in August 1997, broke the life of Diana Spencer, her partner, the entrepreneur Dodi Al – Fayed and the driver of the vehicle, Henry Paul. The couple had just left the Ritz Hotel to head to Dodi’s home near the Arc de Triomphe. The only survivor of the impact was Trevor Rees – Jones, Lady D.